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Matchbox Car Scenery

  OK, so a while back I bought a Matchbox car of a 1974 Volkswagen Thing for a dollar, just to see if it was the right size to be a Kubelwagen for background scenery in 28mm WWII gaming. I measured it, and it is 1:58 scale while 28mm is normally considered 1:56 scale (thank you, Warlord Games for standardizing this!) So, close enough for a scenic item, am I right? I know the front end is all wrong, but it should be fine for a bit of background color. It took me a couple of hours to get painted, but I think it turned out well. I need to acquire some decals at some point, and get the windshield frame painted (my hands are too shaky tonight to fo that.) Maybe steal a matching wheel from another toy car to throw on the hood as a spare. But it's finished enough for now. My DAK infantry models are from Artizan Designs, but are still unpainted. Instead, I have a British soldier from the same range shown for scale. The vehicle looks the right dize, with the top of the door being just a