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New Scenery!

I like to have a variety of alien terrain for my science fiction gaming, When I look around the internet, I really only see five flavors of such outside of professionally produced products: earth-like vegetation (grassland, forest, jungle, lots of green everywhere,) desert, ice, ash waste, and magma. I wanted my alien worlds to look a little different. And my first stab at that was my sweeping expanses of pink fluffy goodness for my toy soldiers to fight in. But I wanted more, not just pink. And so I decided on the Blue World. What follows is the entirety of my Blue World terrain. The first two pictures are the same layout of my terrain pieces from two different angles. It is enough to pretty much cover the 3' x 3' gaming table I normally use. It will be a little less dense on a 4' x 4' table, and sparse across a 4' x 6' table like is used for a full-size game of Warhamster 40,000. The nice thing about this much terrain within a theme is that I can