New Scenery!

I like to have a variety of alien terrain for my science fiction gaming, When I look around the internet, I really only see five flavors of such outside of professionally produced products: earth-like vegetation (grassland, forest, jungle, lots of green everywhere,) desert, ice, ash waste, and magma. I wanted my alien worlds to look a little different. And my first stab at that was my sweeping expanses of pink fluffy goodness for my toy soldiers to fight in. But I wanted more, not just pink. And so I decided on the Blue World. What follows is the entirety of my Blue World terrain.

The first two pictures are the same layout of my terrain pieces from two different angles. It is enough to pretty much cover the 3' x 3' gaming table I normally use. It will be a little less dense on a 4' x 4' table, and sparse across a 4' x 6' table like is used for a full-size game of Warhamster 40,000.

The nice thing about this much terrain within a theme is that I can use different bits and bobs from one game to the next, without having the same pieces showing up again and again. Here is a game of FiveCore using some of the Blue World terrain and some rocks. I could just as easily add in some hills or buildings.

And then we can jump to a whole different genre!

As much as I like science fiction terrain that looks suitably weird, I also do a lot of fantasy wargaming on worlds that mostly look like our own. Namely, lots of green grasslands, forests, and jungles. A couple of years ago, I started collecting pieces and parts to do some jungle terrain for a specific project. And then I started getting things that might work for other jungle environments. And then I forgot what the original project was all about, but I just knew that "jungle terrain" was next on the list after "Blue World."

So here is my jungle terrain so far. I am waiting to do the next round of it once some model bamboo and palm trees are delivered. And after that, I will hopefully have as much leafy greenery as I do blue glitter!

And here is a close up of the little tank of rocket fuel with a Chaos Cultist from the Warhamster 40,000 range for scale. I spent WAY longer on this piece than I probably should have, especially for a leftover piece from a dollar store car. But it turned out really good!

And that's it for my scenery updates for now.


  1. Great looking scenery on both sets, I know what you mean about a lack of really alien looking scenery being available, which was why my company did a whole range, that definitely look alien

  2. Looks Great! A real old school Star Trek vibe.


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