Temperate Forest Scenery Completed!

I have completed another 20 pieces of "Temperate Forest" terrain for 28mm wargaming. I have used a variety of materials, from unflocked Christmas Village trees to product ordered from overseas to aquarium plants to stuff found in Ikea and second stores.

It's nice to be finally done with all of these, I feel like I have been collecting this stuff for over 15 years now (which is true, I bought some of the trees while I was managing at Dollar Tree.)

These are the terrain stands I completed today.

And here is all of the Temperate Forest together.

As I play on a 3'x3' game board. this gives me enough to cover pretty much the entire thing. If I leave some open areas, I can run multiple scenarios have different combinations of forest stands every time.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Excellent looking scenery, and the use of multiple different sources gives them a real natural look, would make a great entry for the scenery challenge I'm currently running


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