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Scooby-Doo And Mystery Inc

OK, so I finally finished up Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. kids. I'll have to get around to detailing the Happy Meal-provided Mystery Machine at some point. I am not entirely sure of where the models came from. An online acquaintance had them when I asked about sources a few years ago. They are all Clix figures that have been repainted and in some cases converted. Except Scrappy Doo, he is the small dog that is included with the Perry Miniatures plastic British colonial troops.

Another Vaporator And A Robo-mule

I swore I was never doing another [insert profanity here] vaporator for Tatooine scenery ever again. And then, I was looking through Mos Eisly pictures looking for some scenic inspiration and BAM! I saw a black vaporator on a street corner. So, I finished my first one, and a robo-mule which isn't edged yet. Because cats, and it's 2am.

May Is Monster Month!

Or at least it is over at Dead Dick's Tavern And Temporary Lodging . So as it turns out, this coincided with me ainting my wife's Frost Giantess from Reaper Bones. So here it is. Enjoy!

Some Papercraft Projects

OK, so I finished up a few outstanding projects today. First, I finished my revised Amazon War Deinotherium: Next, I based up my refit of Madame Eva's gypsy wagon; I reversed the ends, added horse slats, there's a cratch on the back, and this one has an awning off the side since it's parked. At some point, I will paint up a horse miniature and have it behind the wagon tied to the tree. Then, I completed a little shed with some crates and barrels to provide some cover: Finally, I made a privy, partly because it was on the same sheet as the shed but mostly because my guys need a place to poop: