Bugs, Mr. Rico!

OK, so Wargames Atlantic has released a plastic Giant Spider kit, with optional sci-fi parts. The first thing I thought, was "Aha! A Heinlein vision of Starship Troopers instead of Verhoeven's!" And while we have some very excellent Verhoeven-esque Bugs in the Cradboard Warriors forum's Downloads section, I though that maybe these babies here might get a decent papercraft treatment as well. There are some nice spiders in both Hoard 86 and Hoard 93 from that Downloads page that might be nicely accessorized with other random stuff from various Hoards, that would tie into this month's "Hard Vacuum" theme on the forum as well.

So those are some pics of the Wargames Atlantic spider with the optional sci-fi bits. I think it's absolutley lovely.

And that is what I came up with. I am really happy with it. I used the Giant Redback Spider from Forum Hoard 86 by Sirrob01, reduced by 50% and recolored. I added some parts from the Tau Fire Warriors by Jim Hartman, and finally I added the visors all by myself.

And that is a size comparison with the Bug from Verhoeven's movie and some regular humans. It looks like my new Bug will mas about doible that of a human, which is right where I wanted it.

And this is the papercraft image. It should print properly at 300 dpi. If there are any issues, it can be properly downloaded here.


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