Matchbox Car Scenery

OK, so a while back I bought a Matchbox car of a 1974 Volkswagen Thing for a dollar, just to see if it was the right size to be a Kubelwagen for background scenery in 28mm WWII gaming. I measured it, and it is 1:58 scale while 28mm is normally considered 1:56 scale (thank you, Warlord Games for standardizing this!) So, close enough for a scenic item, am I right? I know the front end is all wrong, but it should be fine for a bit of background color.
It took me a couple of hours to get painted, but I think it turned out well. I need to acquire some decals at some point, and get the windshield frame painted (my hands are too shaky tonight to fo that.) Maybe steal a matching wheel from another toy car to throw on the hood as a spare. But it's finished enough for now.
My DAK infantry models are from Artizan Designs, but are still unpainted. Instead, I have a British soldier from the same range shown for scale. The vehicle looks the right dize, with the top of the door being just above hi…

Bugs, Mr. Rico!

OK, so Wargames Atlantic has released a plastic Giant Spider kit, with optional sci-fi parts. The first thing I thought, was "Aha! A Heinlein vision of Starship Troopers instead of Verhoeven's!" And while we have some very excellent Verhoeven-esque Bugs in the Cradboard Warriors forum's Downloads section, I though that maybe these babies here might get a decent papercraft treatment as well. There are some nice spiders in both Hoard 86 and Hoard 93 from that Downloads page that might be nicely accessorized with other random stuff from various Hoards, that would tie into this month's "Hard Vacuum" theme on the forum as well.

So those are some pics of the Wargames Atlantic spider with the optional sci-fi bits. I think it's absolutley lovely.

And that is what I came up with. I am really happy with it. I used the Giant Redback Spider from Forum Hoard 86 by Sirrob01, reduced by 50% and recolored. I added some parts from the Tau Fire Warriors by Jim Hartman,…

Temperate Forest Scenery Completed!

I have completed another 20 pieces of "Temperate Forest" terrain for 28mm wargaming. I have used a variety of materials, from unflocked Christmas Village trees to product ordered from overseas to aquarium plants to stuff found in Ikea and second stores.

It's nice to be finally done with all of these, I feel like I have been collecting this stuff for over 15 years now (which is true, I bought some of the trees while I was managing at Dollar Tree.)

As I play on a 3'x3' game board. this gives me enough to cover pretty much the entire thing. If I leave some open areas, I can run multiple scenarios have different combinations of forest stands every time.

Thank you for reading!

Outlaws! Cultists! Bad Guys All Around!

OK, so I finished up another set of bad guys for my Five Leagues In Glorantha solo skirmish campaign. While there are many separate encounters to be had, they can all break down into groups of nine or less guys, with not more than three archers. So, whenever I work on a new set of models for encounter purposes, that is exactly what I build: nine melee guys and three archers within that particular theme. This time around, I wanted a group that could do double duty as either Outlaws or Cultists.

They are built from the old plastic Persians from Wargames Factory, with alternate Pict shields from Black Tree Design that I had leftover from some other projects. Here they are, cheerfully finished.

Los Vatos!

Probably five or six years ago, I started on a bit of an Old West project. I bought some stuff, got a little bit of it painted, and moved on to other things. But my friends Joe and Kurt wanted to do some gunslinger skirmish gaming, and so I started working on them again. Now, I have my entire selection of models for this genre finished up. My personal group is "Los Vatos," a group of Banditos who have travelled north of the border to get some payback after the land seizures of the Mexican American war. Or, you know, gamble, drink, and generally cause some mayhem in the mining town of Prosperity.

Why yes, of course there is an armadillo with a shotgun.


I bought a batch of Quar from Zombiesmith. They are basically alien anteaters, with a WWI level of technology. My plan is to use them as the core of a Five Parsecs From Home campaign. On a whim, I got the medieval/bronze age Ehn'k'du as well. I was excited when I received him that he had a separate shield, which gave me a lot more customization options. My first thought was to use him in my Rangers Of The Shadow Deep warband, but as a Recruit, he would not have a shield at all. So here is Ehn'k'du the Recruit, sans shield (for now.)

Ehn'k'du can be purchased here.

Burial Urnfield Scenery

In my ongoing quest to get some appropriate scenery for my Five Leagues In Glorantha skirmish gaming, I asked some people on a FaceBook group about what an Orlanthi graveyard would look like in Heortland (Orlanthi being the culture and Heortland being the geographical location.) It was suggested that they used burial pits to put urns of cremated remains of the deceased within. Also, there might be some roofing over the, but no walls.

So I looked for some circular brickwork pattern images online to created the perimeter of the burial pits, and used some existing mediterranean tile roof imagery to create the shelter over them. Overall I am very happy with the way they turned out. When I shared them with the FaceBook group that I had asked the questions, the responses were universally positive as well.